Home Sweet Home

625 Main Street

While in undergrad at UTK, I rode through Nashville to & from all my adventures. I remember seeing the batman building and it was always a source of comfort, whether it was the first marker on my way out or the last marker on my way in. Now it marks home.


Nashville is much different now, so am I. We’re growing and changing at such a rapid pace. It can be scary to be on edge of such change, even if you want the growth. It means being ready to say goodbye to some comforts, and that can be really hard and sad.


It can also be truly inspiring to embrace the change and all the possibility that comes with it. For a while, I forgot how open & free I used to be… I want to be. The fear had me in a place of immobility. I have to remind myself that I am free and that it’s a beautiful & inspiring time to be in Nashville, and to be me. It’s good to be home.





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Kenya Raymer is a writer, blogger, dancer and the hostess of the natural-hair meet up Curls & Cocktails. She is a self-love enthusiast who uses her natural-hair platform as a space to discuss hair and all things beautiful & real. She is loving in Nashville, TN, where she promotes the local eats, animal rescue, self-awareness, personal growth, happiness and finding comfort in your own skin.

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