the Raymers Take Italy: The Amalfi Coast

Fourth Stop // Amalfi Coast


If you were only allowed to travel to one place in this world, I would highly suggest the Amalfi Coast. It is the sea and the mountains. It is breathtaking.

Part of me doesn’t want to tell you where we stayed because I want to keep it a secret, and the other part of me hopes you don’t believe me at all! But, we stayed at Hotel Marmorata, which is a Best Western Hotel. I know… you’re shaking your head, and thinking, “gross!” That’s fine, I hope you never go, never discover why this hotel is such a gem and in turn, never drive up the ridiculously low rates.

Hotel Marmorata, seaside in Ravello


Turns out, Best Westerns are the cat’s meow in Europe. Who knew! We actually picked this hotel because it is walking distance into Minori, which has “sand” (read: really small rocks, hard rocks) beaches. But, we never went to those beaches because the hotel is built into the mountain and the pool sits right on the Mediterranean Sea. Jackpot.

Being on the coast, was the part of the trip where we relaxed. During the day, we drank, had lunch & slept, by the sea


FullSizeRender 4

Then we would venture into Minori for dinner at Il Giardiniello or A Ricetta and finish off with dessert and night caps at Sal De Riso. You will need reservations for both of the dinner spots, as Minori is small and the locals are eating here just as much as the tourists. At A Ricetta is where I learned this Tip! Pace Yourself! Italians eat in courses: aperitivo (dranks), antipasto, first (pasta), second (meat & fish), salad, dessert & coffee, digestivo (more dranks).

All these courses can get a foodie into trouble at a small local spot, where owners like Maria Lucia, are also the chef and visit your table. I made the mistake of not finishing my gnocchi, in order to leave room for the meat course, and she appeared out of no where wanting to know, “you no like my pasta?” I don’t scare easily, but Maria Lucia scares the shit out of me and I highly advise you eat her gnocchi.

While writing, I found that Sal’s has been closed down, and I’m banking on my husband never reading this and finding out this devastating news. Rest easy Sals, you’ll be missed!

sal de riso

I know that Positano is all the rage on the Amalfi Coast, but I am telling you that Ravello is the town that you truly don’t want to miss. Tip! Staying in towns like Maiori, Minori & Ravello are much cheaper than Amalfi & Positano, with more of a local feel.

view of Ravello from Villa Maria
my kind of store!
view of Ravello from Villa Cimbrone

I highly suggest you take a taxi up & down, but if you’re mad at your husband for eating gelato without you, you can make him take the 2000+ stairs back down. However, you both will pay for that. While you’re up there, be sure to check out all the beautiful dishes, grab a pizza at Villa Maria and tour the gardens at Villa Cimbrone.

Villa Maria Rosa
Villa Cimbrone
the infamous Ravello steps

There are lots of ways you can see the whole coast and Capri from the water. There are ferries that stop at each town’s port, like a bus! There are semi-private boat tours that you share with a small group and there are private mini-cruises. We opted for the private cruise with Capone Servizi Marittimi and thought it was worth every penny. It’s an 8 hour day where you create the plan. You can stop at Capri & Positano, see the Faraglioni, Li Galli & all the grottos, stop for lunch, and get swimming time in places that can only be reached by boat. Tip! Avoid wasting time or money by checking Tripadvisor for reviews when deciding to spending a lot of money or time on one activity! 




Punta Carena Lighthouse, Capri
bucket list!
Stopped in Nerano & had lunch at Cantuccio
Private beach! You have to jump in & swim. Can you see me?
IMG_9716 2
Mediterranean Mermaid

“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”

Mary Ann Radmacher


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3 thoughts on “the Raymers Take Italy: The Amalfi Coast

  1. Italy is on my bucket list. My best friend and I were just talking about going yesterday so this will definitely help us in planning our trip. I enjoyed all of the helpful information and your pics. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m so ready to go back to the Almafi Coast! I had a whirlwind trip and didn’t stay long, but it is as beautiful as you describe! I can’t wait to go back and check out the places you’ve suggested! xo

  3. This is a must on my list!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and tips. You are helping with my anxiety for planning our trip. It all seems so overwhelming.

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