Coffee in the Morning

On May 1st, the incomparable @Sophia_Roe dropped a bomb on me… that I was possibly bitchy because I drank coffee and ate bacon first thing in the morning. Say whaaaa…


I mean… I can give you a list, a long bitchy list of all the things that make me bitchy, and never once did I think coffee and bacon would be on that list! But, Sophia is my #wcw, so I basically have to do whatever she says. I’m pretty sure that’s how #wcw works… Also, I had heard this “drink lemon water in the morning” advice before. I even tried it, but I didn’t make it a whole week before reverting back to coffee.

I didn’t drink coffee to wake up. I drank coffee to self-soothe. I used to get coffee as soon as I got to work, to curb the anxiety of all the things I was being asked to do and to manage the extroverted interactions that felt more like assaults. I would literally sip as person after person chatted with me, asked of me, and added to my daily workload. Coffee was my introvert blankie. I’m also not a morning person (read: don’t talk to me, look at me, or breathe in my direction before 10am… 11am… ok, 2pm), so I added bacon to my daily ritual to make mornings tolerable. Because, bacon.

Now that I work for myself, I no longer have to deal with unwanted interactions first thing in the morning or others adding to my workload. I set the tone for each day and I no longer have a need for daily self-soothing, especially if it’s not good for me. And, especially if it’s making me bitchy! So, I did as Sophia insisted and I gave up coffee and bacon… three days later. Well, I wasn’t going to let good bacon go to waste, bitchy or not.


I’m not going to lie, for me to have any interest, in anything, it has to be pretty. So when my other #wcw @RachelAdams launched her love project Journeystrength at the same time, I knew it was a sign to fully commit to lemon water.


It takes 66 days for a habit to form. I have been waking up and drinking lemon water from my self-affirming water bottle for 7 weeks, that’s 49 days strong! Not only am I drinking lemon water in the morning, but I’m drinking it all day. I refill my bottle 3-5 times a day and I’m loving it.

I don’t think that drinking lemon water first thing in the morning has made me any less bitchy, that would require holy water. But, I have noticed that my skin is glowing and let’s be honest, that’s what really matters. I also have a lot more energy, have been sleeping better, am snacking less, and did I mention my skin is George McGorge?


I’m also happy to no longer be participating in habits that aren’t the best for me. I still have coffee and bacon, but for enjoyment and not necessity.

If lemon water isn’t your thing, then maybe another infused water is

infused water

Stay hydrated & happy luvvhers!


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Kenya Raymer is a writer, blogger, dancer and the hostess of the natural-hair meet up Curls & Cocktails. She is a self-love enthusiast who uses her natural-hair platform as a space to discuss hair and all things beautiful & real. She is loving in Nashville, TN, where she promotes the local eats, animal rescue, self-awareness, personal growth, happiness and finding comfort in your own skin.

10 thoughts on “Coffee in the Morning

  1. LoL! I LOVE Sophia!!! I too started drinking lemon water in the mornings after her post. Loving the results too!!! 🙂

    1. Well, you can still have coffee. The point is to drink the lemon water first and coffee later. I just took it to the next level & dropped coffee all together.

  2. I’ve never been a coffee drinker in the mornings, but I do love my bacon! I’ve heard of this, but admittedly and with a sigh of embarrassment, I’ve been too lazy to try it. Do you make a pitcher of lemon water and just use that to refill? Or do you literally cut up lemons every time you make a new cup?

    I need to get my life.. Thanks for this! xo

    Through Jam’s Eyes

    1. I cut a new lemon echo day & just refill my bottle. Before I had the bottle, I would cut a lemon and drop a couple slices into a glass and use the whole lemon over a couple days.

  3. I used to use the actual fruit (lemon) but doing that everyday can be bad for your teeth enamel because of the acid. Now I use lemon essential oil in my water. Just 1 or 2 drops for the lemon flavor. Plus it still has the vitamin C.

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