Selah’s Nursery Recap

Much like my thank you cards/Selah’s birth announcements, this blog post is hella late! But, I figure better late than never. I still get lots of questions on where I got things + I’m a firm believer of “sharing is caring” so let’s do this. 

I went with a loose nature theme, with blush, rose gold + llama accents. So, I picked a couple pieces that are obvious like the tree decal + the cloud mobile, and a couple other pieces are “nature inspired,” like the grass green area rug, and the sunburst pendant light.


Tree wall decal on Etsy

Green grass area rug by Flor // these are actually 12 carpet squares in two different piles to create texture

Urban Rocker in blush linen by Pottery Barn

Candy Stripe Moroccan Cushion in blush by Interwoven

DIY faux fur ottoman // I found an old stool at a thrift store and used rose gold spray paint + blush faux fur to bring it back to life.


Sloan Acrylic Convertible crib by Pottery Barn

Frieda + the Balloon crib sheets by Rookie Humans 

Blush cloud mobile on Etsy


Coco Go Lounger by Bloom

Lucy the Lamb by Cuddle + Kind


Llama rocker by Pottery Barn


Toy Storage by Ikea // BESTÅ Storage combination with Djupviken white doors


We use  this hangry light box by Target as a night light, and it is sold out, but here is a similar light box that you can create any message that fits your sweet babe’s vibe

This rose gold basket by Target is also sold out, but here is a similar one on Amazon.


The pink storage basket is from Target + sold out, but you can find similar baskets here.

Baby girl headbands // this was my baby shower activity. I threw out all the fixins + a hot glue gun, and everyone made my sweet girl a headband to remember them by. This was a fun activity and a cheap way to stock up on headbands that are always overpriced!

The plant is a Sansevieria, also know as a snake plant, that I got at Lowes + it is perfect for first time plant moms because it is really low maintenance


This is a box that one of her gifts came in. We recycled it into a keepsake box + its home to sweet things like her hospital band, blanket + hat. The rose quartz crystals are to promote love + a peaceful setting for our sometimes, not so sweet Selah. 


Velvet + acrylic bench is by At Home + is sold out but here is a similar one

Be Kind Be Brave throw pillow on Amazon

 “Love you Forever & Ever” swaddle by Coveted Things

Rose gold round storage basket by The Container Store

DIY bucket seat heirloom // this bucket seat was made for Rosie (my mother), by my great grandfather, and I refreshed it with spray paint + blush faux fur.


Floating book shelves on Amazon


Llama Wall Art

Llama eating pizza on Amazon

Sassy llama by Target

James found the sun, moon + all my stars poem at a little boutique here in Nashville, but you can find something just for you here.


3 Drawer Dresser

Large woven storage baskets

Medium plastic storage baskets

Ubbi diaper pail

Guava Lotus Travel Crib (stored away in the black bag)


Heated changing pad by Cozy Cheekz

Feather changing pad cover by Babies R Us


Rose gold storage baskets on Amazon

Rose gold triangle scarf organizer by The Container Store

and last but never least… the most epic pendant light that represents the sun in my girl’s itty bitty world + inspired this sweet ass nursery, is by Ikea


I hope you saw something sweet, something you like + something that inspired you.

If you have questions on something I may have left out, feel free to ask in the comments!


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Kenya Raymer is a writer, blogger, dancer and the hostess of the natural-hair meet up Curls & Cocktails. She is a self-love enthusiast who uses her natural-hair platform as a space to discuss hair and all things beautiful & real. She is loving in Nashville, TN, where she promotes the local eats, animal rescue, self-awareness, personal growth, happiness and finding comfort in your own skin.

117 thoughts on “Selah’s Nursery Recap

  1. Love the hangry picture frame 🤗. Your baby girl reminds me of my girl when she was that age, big babies are the best! Now that I have 6week old son, he is totally opposite of the big baby girl I was use to caring around. One thing that didn’t change is when he is Hangry, I must give him the Boobie ASAP. 😂

  2. I love how warm her nursery feels. The nature theme is nice! The floating book shelves are a great idea to create more space in the room. I also love the positive messages around the room!

  3. So simple and adorable, love the rose gold storage baskets and the beautiful tree over her crib is so abundant

  4. I absolutely love the inspiration and execution of Selah’s nursery. I plan on purchasing the toy storage from IKEA for my son’s twinkle twinkle little star themed nursery; it’s much needed after his Grams’ excessive Christmas toy haul. I truly appreciate your sharing is caring mentality in a world that seems so selfish these days. Much love and peace to you and your beautiful family.

  5. I love her sweet room! Living in a small NJ apartment I fantasize about how I would decorate my baby boys nursery if we would have had the space. That being said I LOVE the floating bookshelf! Anything that doesn’t take up much room is a win in my book. I also really love the heated changing pad. My little guy hates changing time and I think having a warm pad to keep his bum nice and toasty would make a big difference!

  6. I love the entire theme of your nursery. It harbors so much positive energy, life, and love! I also really like how you organized the closet space with the drawers, boxes, etc. That’s something that I really want to make sure I can pull off for my baby’s nursery who is due in March. I’m not a very organized person, so I like seeing different ways that people organize their baby’s closet space. Beautiful nursery for a beautiful baby girl!

  7. I’m in love with your crib! When you posted it for the first time on your IG stories I was in awe and still am ❤️ I’ve followed you through the majority of your pregnancy on Instagram because I myself was pregnant with my first baby. And now that my little one, Indigo Moon, is here, I’m glad to have been following your journey because ive gotten great advice from you and your followers on different ways to care for her.

  8. I love the overall decor and theme of the room. I love the wall decorations. As someone who is a neat freak I love that everything has its own place and how organized everything is. The room is so welcoming and cozy. It has everything a baby could want and need!

  9. I am obsessed with her closet. The storage baskets are so simple, but so chic and beautiful at the same time.

  10. I love the llamas! They are sweet but sassy; each one seems to have a personality of its own. Perfect 😍

  11. Love everything about this nursery! I still haven’t decided how to decorate my daughter’s nursery yet. I only have a white crib and that’s it! This post is definitely giving me ideas! Love the chair from Pottery Barn and rose gold storage baskets! Gotta show the hubby this post when he gets home lol.

  12. Besides Selah’s beautiful chubby face I think the best thing in her nursery would be that fly acrylic rail crib!!! I love that she can see through and experience all of her beautiful and serene decor. Also this color scheme is so soft and elegant!!! I hate to just pick one thing bc the entire room is stunning.

  13. LOVE the toy storage and your color scheme for Selah. I only WISH that I was that creative. And how great is that heated changing pad??? I may have to go invest ASAP. I don’t hear my little one’s cries often, but when I do, it’s because her bum is exposed to the cold. Poor babe!

  14. I love the energy of this nursery…it is very calming but still has so much personality! My favorite piece definitely has to be the toy storage 🙂

  15. I LOVE the storage cabinet. I’m definitely planning to order one for our son and our baby that’s on the way. Thanks for the organizational ideas in the closet. I think I’ll “borrow” that as well.

  16. I love all the tiny details like the rose quartz crystal with the picture of your husbands holding the baby. Also the D.I.Y. projects especially the bucket seat that was made for your mom. Such a great story to share with your daughter and definitely something to pass down to her. I just love it!

  17. Love how thoughtfully Selah’s nursery is set up! My favorite thing is your mom’s updated bucket seat, but I’m partial to sentimental hand me downs:)

  18. Beautiful and unique nursery! I’m loving the IKEA toy storage. The link is broken btw. It’s adorable. I want it. 😩

  19. The rose quartz crystals are by far my favorite touch in the nursery ! Love what it represents . Such a peaceful place

  20. I looove how chic the baby bouncer is and that it folds flat for easy transport! I also love the velvet + acrylic bench, I’m bummed that it’s sold out as the alternative you posted is cute, but the legs just aren’t the same. Thanks for always being so open and sharing your life! I love reading your blog & IG posts and as a soon to be first time Mom I really appreciate all of the product reviews you share!

  21. I love how you did DIY for the foot stool and made it out of fur. It turned out perfect. And also that you decided on neutral colors instead of a pink. I have a baby girl due in April we choose yellow and grey.

  22. My fav part of your nursery is the DIY ottoman. My sister and I are going to refinish a dresser. Can’t wait to actually buy the dresser and start on it 😅

  23. Looove every detail of it. I’m loving the llama accents incorporated into the rose gold/blush colors. The heating changing pad is the bomb :).

  24. My personal faves are the floating shelves and the textured FLOR squares. Have heard so many good things about these including how versatile they are! Also rosegold for the win forever and always!

  25. Super excited for the tour! Thank you! I think my favorite parts of baby girl’s nursery are the rose gold accents and the Llama theme. But then again, I can’t leave out the Cuddle + Kind Lamb. I am T-10 days from my due date and have loved every moment that you have shared about your own journey. Thank you!

  26. The atomsphere can be felt through these photos! I totally am loving the llama eating pizza picture! Your thrift store overhaul of the footrest is so adorbs!

  27. I love the headband idea! And agree, they are totally overpriced! While I it’s too late to do the headband idea for myself, if my friend has a girl, I’m going to incorporate this into her shower!

  28. Hi Kenya! My favorite thing has to be the snake plant! I’ve been wanting to add a plant to April’s nursery as it doesn’t have any windows and could use some oxygen! She’ll be sleeping overnight in there in the next week or so because she finally outgrew her bassinet at 20 weeks old (this mama is secretly ready to have her bedroom back to practice making her brother without it feeling weird 😂)
    Thanks for sharing Selah’s nursery. Definitely found lots of inspiration here!

  29. Loving all the neutrals and wood accents! Very modern but also screams a little bit vintage to me. We just found out we are having a little boy come June! I am so overwhelmed with planning his nursery. It’s like you cram every want and dream for them in this space. Thanks for giving me some ideas!

  30. This nursery is amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’d have to say the heirloom bucket seat. I remember when you were refurbishing it…so much history and it turned out so beautifully!

  31. I love everything about your daughters nursery. I’m finally about to decorate my almost 5 month olds nursery. Between moving from Baltimore to Seattle and living in corporate housing, we’ve been living out of a suitcase. Thanks for the closet dresser. I will be buying that.

  32. I really love how you transformed the closet into a changing station/everything you need to change her is right there. Very great use of space and keeps things tucked away neatly so you can enjoy the rest of the room to play and lounge. Beautiful nursery! Very well designed…

  33. I absolutely love everything, but the closet with the rose gold baskets are my absolute fav! Definitely will be copying that for my little boy’s nursery!

  34. LOve! Love! Love! Selah’s nursery! Is a beautiful room that she can totally grow into and doesn’t look so babyish! My first born is a girl and i wish we did the headband thing at our shower!

  35. DIY stool 😍 and the be brave, be kind. I can’t wait to teach my daughter to be brave enough to stand the fuck up for herself and kind enough to take care of herself at the same time.

  36. I love the toy chests! They are gorgeous. Also the changing pad cover and the light pendant 😍. Beautiful nursery!

  37. My favorite item(s) were the floating bookshelves. I have been an avid reader since I was young and look forward to putting up our shelves for little one’s library before he arrives. Selah’s nursery is beautiful!

  38. I love the closet organization❤️. It’s perfect! Make me want to re organize my 2 month olds closet.

  39. Love the DIY stool and the Rose quartz with the photo inside! I also love that your “changing table” doubles as storage! 🙂 So many great ideas!!

  40. There is so much to love about this nursery. You definitely put a lot of thought and effort into each part. The HANGRY sign is Amazing, totally describes my 6 week old…and her mother,hah.

  41. I personally loooooove the rose quartz bowl with the picture. Always good to be surrounded by love, especially upon entry into a room!

  42. I love this nursery!! Such simplicity! So many awesome features…I love the bookshelves and the lamp fixture! My favorite is probably the idea of creating headbands at the shower and the holding bin for them!! Thank you for sharing and congratulations! 💕

  43. The floating bookshelves are awesome!! Your bucket seat heirloom really touched my heart. Just thinking that countless people who loved/love your mom read her stories while she sat in it and dreamed about her future never imagining it would someday end up in her grandaughter’s room. Beautiful.

  44. Everything is beautiful! You did a great job! I especially love the floating book shelves and the inclusion of the book “I like myself.” I have a copy for my girls. It’s so important to teach our girls to love themselves.

  45. I love the entire nursery but my favorite item would have to be the crib with lucite details! It’s such a cool non traditional crib. You definitely have an eye for design and putting colors/textures together!

  46. Beautiful nursery!! I love all your diy projects. You definitely inspired me to do something similar for my baby girl due in March.
    I can’t believe you got the white chest from Ikea-it looks so chic!! 😍

  47. This nursery is everything cute and not so girly. Which is absolutely perfect to me. Also, my most favorite thing is Little Baby Bum playing on the tv. Lol She’ll learn so much watching those nursery rhymes.

  48. I like this modern version of nursery. I feel like often parents who know the gender of the unborn child tend to go heavy on gender associated color. I like the idea of accents and handmade downs revamp to give a since of making a room hints of special meanings. I really want that hangry sign but since it’s sold out gonna try to recreate it with a DIY project. Thanks for always sharing these gems.

  49. The design is gorgeous! I love the ottoman, the art and the grass rug. My fave would be the toy storage. I just love that he doesn’t look like what it is!

  50. I love the be kind be brave throw pillow because those words are powerful . It will not only remind Selah but any young woman that yes you should be kind but don’t take any crap let them have it if they challenge you in life and never back down because the world is yours for the taking

  51. Although I absolutely love love love her crib, I also completely adore her faux fur ottoman………. DIY’s are such a great way to bring your own little piece to the mix. I imagine kicking my feet up on this fuzzy little treasure while my nursing baby is in my lap. 💞I also can picture a rosy cheeked toddler sitting in the rocker with a book rubbing her little feet all over this little pink cloud you call an ottoman. Oh the joys it’ll bring!!!

  52. I love the DIY faux fur stool and the rose gold baskets. The blush and rose gold are such subtle but sweet pops of color for your baby girl’s nursery 🙂

  53. I love everything in the nursery. Everything is so cute. The details are perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  54. Kenya, I love it all! Everything is Super Cute!! I need the baskets in her closet! As my daughter gets bigger she accumulates so much stuff, and I don’t like to look at clutter. Thanks for sharing with us.

  55. I absolutely love her nursery, but my favorite thing about her nursery is the fishbowl with the Polaroid. Super creative 💚

  56. First of all … love the minimalism! Really light, calm , airy. I’d have to say my favorite item in Selah’s room would have to be her toy storage cabinet from Ikea. Looks great!

  57. I love everything from the theme to the sentimental touches. Most of all I loved the plant ( I’ve recently been into air plants), the floating book case, and the wall decal very nice touches. Selah will grow to love it all!

  58. Love the look of your baby girl’s nursery! It is so unique and well put together. I am loving the tree wall decal with the touch of pink birds. I also wish I had known about the Coco Go Lounger sooner! Thanks for sharing all the great items that put her nursery together!

  59. My favorite item would definitely be the book shelves. They’re very simple and classic to house all of the best stories that will not only motivate her (girl Power) but also educate. Go Mom! You did an awesome job! Thanks for sharing the details as my little bundle needed something in her room as well. Side note: not sure if you’ve heard of these two books but they were given to me at my shower as well 1) and 2)

  60. I love the stuffed chair with a stool; diy thins are my jam. And I love to in comfy chairs where I can relax and take in rooms and life.

  61. Love the tree on the wall! The little touch of nature is adorable, and we did something similar in our nursery.

  62. I love the tree mural. My sister has a similar one on her accent wall of her living room that she made into a family tree.

  63. I’m a book gal! I love the placement of the shelves with the books. As well as storage, it’s not the traditional dresser, crib, changing pad set up! That IKEA storage is everything because it’s sleek and not out open for kiddo to grab.

  64. I am so inspired by Selah’s nursery! 😍 I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and I don’t have her nursery set up yet, so these pics are definitely a huge source of inspiration. I absolutely love the tree decal on the wall because it’s earthy yet ethereal. I also want to incorporate some nature elements to my Marley-Rose’s space, so that would be a great touch. I dig the library also, because it’s a creative way to make the shelves look artistic instead of just using a plain bookcase. The entire room is effortlessly dope and now I’m excited to put mine together because of how beautiful you made yours. Well done mama!

  65. I’m obsessed with the entire nursery of course. Love how simple it is and not overly frilly. I would stay in that room!

    My fav piece is your keepsake box. I’m so sentimental I will be doing something similar when my little nugget is born too! I’ve already started an email account that I’ve gone in and started writing down moments I want to share with him when he’s grown up.

    Thank you for sharing your work with us! You make look motherhood real (as it should be)! I’m such a fan. 💚

  66. The rug is my favorite thing! It’s not so literal that it’s cheesy. So cool and such a cool little accent that doesn’t overtake the room.

  67. Loving everything about this nursery and if I knew ahead of time that we were having a girl, this would be right up my alley! The crib is by far my favorite!

  68. I truly enjoyed looking at all the different pieces you have in your precious baby’s room to make it so unique. The floating book shelves were an amazing touch as were the many touches of rose gold throughout the room. My absolute favorite item in Selah’s nursery has to the bucket seat heirloom. It souch a beautiful nod to her grandmother and great grandfather. Thanks for allowing sharing.

  69. I think the rug is my favorite piece in th nursery. I totally expected it to be a hIgh end item. It’s definitely something I’ll look into for my baby girls’ room. I love how you’ve incorporated all of the outdoor elements into an indoor space for children. It’s such a femine room without being overly frilly and girly. Thank you for sharing!!

  70. You did such a great job on the nursery. It is hard choosing one item as a favorite since everything is so beautiful. The crib is modern and chic. I also love the fact that it’s a convertible, smart! The llama wall are and the details on her toy cabinet is also super cute. I live in New England, and based on how the weather has been lately, I would have to say that the heating pad is just genius! I don’t how and why I didn’t think of getting one when choosing the items for my baby’s nursery. Great job on creating a beautiful space to build great memories with your little one.

  71. Name one thing I love!? How about EVERYTHING…!!!!!! This nursery is the definition modern chic. Not too much or too little it is JUST RIGHT… It looks crisp & fresh! I love it and all of the little details that you have added to make it perfect for Selah…!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  72. my favorite thing in the nursery is the bucket seat heirloom that you refreshed. I’m a first time mom to a 6 month old baby girl and I’m finding that what I’m enjoying most about decorating her nursery is the little personal touches. like my boyfriend’s mom came up to visit for christmas and bought a little rocking horse that use to sit in his nursery. it’s the cutest thing and the best addition to my baby girls room. i’m hoping she gives it to her future children and so on. 🙂

  73. I love the IKEA boxes! My aunt was just telling me about her love for IKEA and how she finds great organization pieces for small spaces. With my new little bundle of joy, I can’t wait to find cute ways to organize his room 🙂

  74. This is so amazing! Selah’s nursery is inspiring and empoweting! I love all the positive energy that you all provide for her. It was tough picking one favorite thing but I would have to pick the wall art that says “You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.” Babies are everything to parents and are our entire world. I’m looking forward to meeting and loving on my sweet baby! Thank you for encouraging self-love and radiating so much light on others. ❤️

  75. I absolutely love the tree decal and the nature theme throughout the nursery. It seems so peaceful and gives the illusion of so much open space and tranquility. I can’t wait until we move so that I can start planning and organizing our little nursery. Thanks for sharing! 😘

  76. The toy storage is adorable and my favorite! I’ve been looking for toy storage for the nursery for my first, due in April! I love how they arent all out in the open, and can be hidden by the doors.

  77. The pink and rose gold storage bins caught my eye and I absolutely love them. As I prepare my daughters nursery, I struggled on what to put most of her items in outside of her dresser. It doesn’t make the room nor closet look cluttered and picking a variety of sizes will work for me. I’m on the search for bins now!!

  78. Considering Hubs is a DJ and you guys live in Nashville I love the 3 records that are in the frame over the TV. A subtle touch to the music around her

  79. I love everything about baby Selah nursery! It shows much personality….and all around baby fierceness (I made up this word….haha)
    I really love your heirloom creation that you redid from your great grandfather….such great detail! As always, I look forward to seeing more creativity and fierceness.

  80. Hey Kenya! I’m loving the little one’s nursery decor. So pretty! I wanted to congratulate you on IG but couldn’t find you. I remember tagging you (and others) in a pregnancy post on my IG story months ago and totally forgot it automatically goes to your DMs (which I know you hate, lol 😬). It was an honest mistake. You’re my fav blogger and I know the rules 😂 . Anywhoo, I miss seeing you on my timeline! Congrats on your beautiful bundle of joy! 😘

    – IG @NiqueNique321
    (Juuuussstt in case 🤞🏽😉)

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