Marley Twists


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Of all the ways I rock my hair, Marley twists always get the most attention. So what makes these Marleys and not Havanas or Senegalese twists? The type of twist is determined by the type of hair you use. Havana twists use Havana hair & Senegalese twists use kankelon braiding hair, and they have a much smoother texture than either Marley or Havana twists.

This is Femi Marley Hair in a 1B. My preference for Marley hair is HairSense, but that brand has been difficult to find in my area. I have seen HairSense for sale online, but if you’re anything like me, you wake up one day with courage & strength to twist and must act on it before it passes. So, you haul ass to the beauty and liquor store, because you will need liquid encouragement, and you don’t have time or foresight to make hair purchases online.

I installed them myself and it took 5 hours and 3 bags of hair. I used 2 strands for the front and edges, and I used 3 strands for back & crown. They are heavy when piled up, but not when worn down.

I prepped my hair with a light blow out: brush hair out in sections & pass through each section with a brush & hand dryer a couple times.

IMG_9129I prepped the Marley hair with an ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse: 1/2 ACV 1/2 lukewarm water. The ACV rinse is important bc the hair is coated in chemicals which usually irritates your scalp.

  • soak the hair for 15 minutes
  • rinse thoroughly with cold water
  • add silicon based conditioner & leave in hair
  • separate the hair, DO NOT BRUSH
  • hang dry overnight

The installation: YouTube is your friend! Find a tutorial that speaks to you & breaks down the installation: twist one strand clockwise, the other counter-clockwise, while crossing the two strands. I love Priscilla’s tutorial, aka @Shinestruck.

Happy Protecting!


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Kenya Raymer is a writer, blogger, dancer and the hostess of the natural-hair meet up Curls & Cocktails. She is a self-love enthusiast who uses her natural-hair platform as a space to discuss hair and all things beautiful & real. She is loving in Nashville, TN, where she promotes the local eats, animal rescue, self-awareness, personal growth, happiness and finding comfort in your own skin.

4 thoughts on “Marley Twists

  1. I love this! You are the reason right now I have my hair soaking in my tub, (don’t laugh😂) No seriously, I DO! I can’t wait to do this style on my head tomorrow.

  2. first — love, LOVE your site and insta and so appreciate your self-love message.
    second — i’m considering Marley twists (for the first time) and since we have very similar hair types, i wonder how long you’re able to keep yours and if you have any pointers. last time i had box braids they didn’t last long before they started to fray and it didn’t feel worth the HOURS it took to have them done. i need to do something with this head before baby #2 drops in a few weeks…

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